Business development; we’re here when you’re not

The most common problem we hear from clients and prospects is “how do we make the best of the region, without the cost of [yet] establishing?”. It’s a conundrum that 10,000+ companies face every year when they attend trade shows and try to find a route into the market. They seem willing to commit if they have the business, but not before.

That’s where 8 Point Advisory comes in.

Our experience is established with a combined 50+ years in a region that’s packed full of opportunity, and our success comes from knowing the parameters, the culture and the contacts within which companies need to manage their presence. Whether choosing to establish a business in the region, work with distributors, retain sales agents or find partners, the key to successfully building revenues and sustainable profits in the region are relationships and trust.

The 8 Point Advisory team of 52-people (as of August 2017) continue to build trust by working at senior level within companies in the sectors. These people bring daily, practical experience to customers working with 8 Point Advisory.

Our mission

Work with businesses on international business development to

  • Build sustainable revenues and relationships in the GCC
  • Supply honest appraisal of objectives
  • Set measurable criteria for engagement
  • Agree clear objectives and timeline
  • Take a low risk approach
  • Introduce commercial intelligence, cultural knowledge and connections to clients
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