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Our advisors have contractual agreements with 8 Point Advisory, so once we take a client brief we use the expertise of our advisors and combine that with our long experience of business development in the region.

Advisors work at C-Suite level with functions such as Managing Director, SVP, Partner, Group MD, General Manager, Managing Partner, Partner, Divisional Director, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, Strategy Director, Director of International Business, CFO or Head of Finance.

Advisors work in the sectors of retail, logistics, storage, law, Government, banking, finance, distribution, construction, healthcare, energy, water, power, IT, technology, software, telecoms, recruitment, HR,company setup, broadcast, real estate, hospitality, branding, PR, interiors, maritime, security, defence,social media management, VC/PE funds and business media.


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Each advisor working with us has a minimum 10-years in business, and most have 20+. All have been in the region since before 2010, and that gives them an interesting perspective given the growth of the region. Compared to other parts of the world a year in the Middle East is more like 5-years.

One can sectionalise the region broadly into 4-phases; <1980, 1981-2000, 2001-2010 and >2010:

<1980: The growth started with a vision that saw a need to diversify away from a reliance on the extraction and delivery of carbon fuels. These leaders saw the future of their countries lay with educating, enhancing and growing the indigenous population and set about building the infrastructure of commerce, education, law and finance to support the vision.

1980-2001: The GCC countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar – started to operate more as a block, helping to build the region into a powerhouse hub of commerce. Dubai, in particular, took a route to the world built on an international brand of commerce, aviation, tourism and luxury retail.

2001-2010: An explosion of growth saw the oft-mentioned quote of 25% of all construction cranes in the world being in Dubai, although of course it’s largely apocryphal. But living here, it certainly seemed that way

>2010: The global financial crisis struck hard, and an economy built on opening the markets to foreign investment was hit hard. Typically though, changes were made swiftly and the region bounced back to experience more growth, and by now just 30% of the economies were reliant on natural resources. Quite a story, and it continues to develop swiftly.

Our advisors have been chosen due to their involvement in all these eras, and the experience that brings to clients. There’s rarely a problem they haven’t already seen and experienced.

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