company history

None of us arrived in the Middle East to build 8 Point Advisory. Instead, each of us had arrived separately to take up roles in international businesses, leading their market growth in the region. But the UAE has a habit of engaging, encouraging and inspiring people to build a great future and take the plunge.

Over the years the idea we came to know each other through business, and shared that each of us was being approached by people in our home countries who’d realised our experiences were potentially useful.

The more we gained knowledge of the markets, companies, government, people, and opportunities, the more we pooled our thoughts into an idea that was to become 8 Point Advisory.

We established formally in 2012 and have the perspective to reflect that none of this could have happened without a huge convergence of opportunities along the way; experience, a thoroughly supportive business, commercial and cultural environment that is the Middle East and a superb access to open opportunities all lead to 8 Point Advisory, and we’re pleased to be able to share that experience with clients and work closely with you to help draw our time here into your orbit.

  • 2017

    8 Point Group

    8 Point Group develops by creating cross-discipline management for the 4-businesses in the group; 8 Point Advisory, 8 Point Distribution, 8 Point Media and 8 Point Production. Formally start work with a global exhibition organiser to help their 10,000+ international exhibitors develop activities in the region. Continue to grow relationships with the government Trade Commissions from the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
    US$55 (Jan-)/barrel

  • 2016

    Expansion - Ireland and New Zealand

    Bring onboard businesses in Ireland and start promotions in New Zealand

  • 2015

    Expansion - Canada and USA

    Launch GoPro in the MENA region, joined by Fitbit, and start operations to aid US and Canadian companies operating in the region

  • 2014

    Expansion - Australia and South Africa

    Further pitch wins see further growth in the UK, also adding companies in Australia and South Africa

  • 2013

    Expansion - UK and USA

    8 Point Media wins pitches to run digital media for 3-major games publishers direct from California and London

  • 2012

    8 Point launches

    Aiding businesses explore the region, to operate digital media platforms, source & run distributors and operate the burgeoning advisory service

  • 2009

    Growing ideas, talking business

    Sam Armitage moves to Head of Business Development at Arabian Radio Network (ARN), with the flagship Dubai Eye 103.8FM gaining 300,000+ daily listeners to the Business Breakfast

  • 2008

    One of the Largest distributor in the region

    Leroy Durward promoted to run a new division, which he grows into one of the region’s largest toy distribution businesses

  • 2007

    India and Gulf

    Neil Wood arrives in the UAE as Regional MD for Middle East and India

  • 2006

    The Pink’Un

    Sam moves to run the MENA sales team for the world’s leading business newspaper, the Financial Times (AKA the Pink ‘Un)

  • 2005

    Partner arrival in the region

    Neil moves into Global VP for the energy division of dmg world media, with teams and offices in Calgary, London, Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Beijing

  • 2004

    Partner arrival in the region

    Sam Armitage (Partner) arrives in the UAE at Emirates Today newspaper to join a fast-growing business news daily

  • 2002

    Computer games leadership

    Leroy moves to RED Entertainment to run the trade marketing and sales operation for the region’s largest computer games distributor, working with all the major international brands

  • 2001

    Formulating ideas

    Neil moves into divisional Managing Director position at Centaur plc and starts building business ideas in the GCC

  • 1998

    Partner arrival in the region

    Leroy arrives in the UAE to work with Al Futtaim and manage Toys’R’Us in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain

  • 1996

    Starting business

    Leroy Durward (Partner) starts career in South Africa with Makro Wholesale at store level, quickly being promoted to run merchandising as a part of 19-store network

  • 1995

    Europe, Asia & Africa

    Neil moves to Managing Director of UBM with a portfolio of exhibition products in Europe, Asia and South Africa in manufacturing, engineering, aviation, marketing and retail

  • 1990

    Starting business

    Neil Wood (Partner) Publishing Director in financial and technology press at EMAP plc, and Exhibition Director for launch of Apple Expo combining UK and European operations with the US market


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