Our approach

Here’s one infallible piece of advice for any overseas business considering our region; be committed to the task. Companies who commit make the greatest success with the region, and commitment needs information, knowledge and connections.

And that’s our business.

On the ground.
In the Middle East.
Where we’ve been for 20+ years.

We at 8Point Advisory understand the concerns and finances of that commitment, and established a successful low-risk commitment model without the need to spend the sums to establish a fully-functioning regional centre.

It neatly operates in the middle ground between a toe in the water (such as a Trade Show) and a fully established regional office.

With 20+ years of knowledge, experience and connections, we help you make decisions that best suit your business; not ours, not a local partner, not a distributor – yours.

Build a market presence

Driving a distributor can be tiring and fruitless. We’re your stepping stone, and we manage that process with you.

Build reliable revenues

We help build sustainable revenues and profits across the GCC without the costs of building a company in the region.

Track record

Working with companies across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, we’ve a long track record of success.

Simple model

The client only pays for what the client needs.

Measurable ROI

Knowledge, connections and practical solutions at a measurable ROI.

Access to markets

Offer access to market without the costly trade licence if the client requires.

Accessing all 6-GCC countries

Export to customers with import and Ministry approvals.

Your clients, your relationships

We help and guide, but they’re your clients and your relationships.

how can we help you?

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