Outline Discussion

We like to keep things simple; it leads to easier measurement of ROI for both us and the client and clarifies what’s required. Our initial contact will be a short 30-minute chat on the phone or Skype/conference call.

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The Brief

Once we’ve held an outline discussion we’re into the brief stage. This adds more detail to the process and can be challenging for clients, but we specifically go through this to help guide clients in the response.

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3C Scoping

The sharp focus for 8 Point Advisory is the 3C scoping that spots the opportunities and drives business success in the region. Everything can be measured by combining the 3C model successfully with client objectives.

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Confirmation of the routes, outcomes and client requirements discussed and agreed during the collaborative path in developing the brief. Using regional knowledge and resources, we outline to the client their route into the market.

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Now we’re into the action with an agreed plan, timescale, budget and a measurable outcome. Each stage has an ROI. We agree on formal update procedures to check all is on course, and get on with the project delivery.

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Retained relationships

90% of clients move into a retained relationship following delivery of the initial project precisely because we know where the gaps are in the market to help companies in the space between dipping a toe into the water and diving in.

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