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Unlocking LinkedIn

8 Point Advisory has an exclusive agreement to build LinkedIn platforms for companies seeking to gain influence and target key people. A major innovation in our service, in conjunction with one of the leading exponents globally, the members of the created groups are excellent leads due to their wish to be a part of the groups created. We take a brief, build an editorial platform and invite key personnel, and through our experience and knowledge have built groups from as tightly focused as 100-members to 50,000+.

Membership is based on the content provided, which is business relevant, and targeted very carefully to ensure no business can send spam or irrelevant information.

Since each member asks to join – and we regulate who can join – each client wishing to build their own LinkedIn groups can be assured that all people in their groups are relevant, and comfortable to know more about the people and services offered by the group. Already we have built groups specifically in defense (50,000+), hospitality (20,000+) and companies seeking to conduct business in the Middle East (20,000+).

An excellent opportunity for companies to build content, loyalty and business, 8 Point Advisory works exclusively with B2B Global Networks to deliver daily updates and leads into companies.

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